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Landscape design complements a local theme, individualizes private estates, parks, and street areas.

With the help of landscape design, we unite architecture, sculptural compositions, relief, path paving, and softscape.
Our specialists have many years of experience in the improvement of land plots of any complexity. We make gardening plans with account of all buildings and communications on the territory, its climatic zone, and soil properties.
Our art concrete studio specialists implement the technical and aesthetic sides of landscape work, deeply understanding the process and being attentive to the customer's wishes. We will skillfully design the water drainage and irrigation system, place artificial reservoirs on the territory, consider lighting nuances, and help you choose plants and trees, based on expert knowledge of which plants conflict with each other and which, on the contrary, should be planted close to each other.
To preserve the general idea of land plot design, the shape of garden paths is conceived separately. They should not stand out from general garden concept, so our artists create exclusive paving patterns to enhance the pleasant emotions from staying in your garden.
Key trends in site decoration are derived from nature itself, and we simply reveal the potential of any landscape by using the best feature of the site, turning its drawbacks into its strong points.
The use of architectural concrete to create lanterns, benches, paths and other park elements will change any garden beyond recognition, turning it into a remarkable piece of landscape design.
We consider the elevation points of the relief of a future garden and, if necessary, offer to change it for vertical planning.
The work package for creating artificial relief involves artificial overfilling (or cutting off) of the land plot and soil delivery/removal by using special equipment.
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